About Gerard


Sitting in the image
long haired long faced,

Sipping coffee
listening to misplaced Donovan,

Wanton flowers
in search of happiness,

Waiting for the candy man.

© Candy Man - May 1968

This is the place where I am supposed to tell you something about myself so let me start by quoting an old saying; "a rolling stone gathers no moss". That may describe me best. You can also say that I'm a dreamer and a lover and I've often felt like an explorer but for this website's purpose I am a photographer, in some ways a little different than most, but a good one.

Not to date myself but as I write this I have over 45 years experience in photography and I've just about done it all. Starting in Montreal, Canada I worked as a scientific / biomedical photographer then later as an Ophthalmic photographer. My peers thought I was pretty good at what I did and was offered the position of Director of Media Services at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Sounds impressive but after a while that got boring so I moved on to open my first of three studios in Hollywood, California where I shot actors and models and musicians for talent agencies. It was a thankless way to earn a very frugal living and I must say it got boring real fast so I began shooting women for men's erotic magazines. Which ones? Almost all of them, over 50 different titles mostly in the USA but some international ones too. I've had about 4,000 maybe 5,000 publications to my credit along with 700 or 800 covers. In the middle of all of this I became a US citizen, the best thing I ever did. Then along came the digital age and everyone and anyone thought they were photographers, some good but most were bad and ugly. Soon after came the Internet and with it the magazine world quickly eroded into what it is today, almost nonexistent. So again I moved on. Besides I was starting to get bored again. You can say I get bored easily or better yet small things amuse small minds so I began a new adventure, this time building websites. Today along with a partner I have three web design and hosting companies and one SEO company.

Now maybe it's your turn to get bored from reading this stuff so why not take a look at some photos instead and hopefully you'll like a few. You can even buy some if you like but if not that's okay. By the way come back and visit us again as more photos are always being added. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and let's see what tomorrow will bring. Peace and love Gerard




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